Tin Soldiers



Feelings, they don’t wait

Like tin soldiers, for permission to march on

They catch you in a storm,

before you can run for cover

Raining down and soaking you to the bone

Raining down and soaking you to the bone


Feelings, they can’t be plotted

On a map they can’t be paused

By calculations or strategies

They happen as acts of nature, a hurricane in your path

No escaping, what tangles your soul into wreckage




Feelings they attack, in a deluge warfare fought

Hand to hand where instinct battles reason

Struggling to slay your thoughts,

the self splits into two

Wrestles for the power

with every part of life at stake


Feelings they take you hostage,

and you know not where or why

Or if you will ever be set free

While you pray for the tin soldiers

Who once guarded your heart

To bring you home to safety…

Tin Soldiers - Elise
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Elise Wiener  New York, NY    © All Rights Reserved - Content Permitted - 2018       elise@elisesongs.com

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